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What Would Jesus Do About Vaccination?

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”
—Matthew 7:12

As Christians,  we want our actions to reflect Christ's love into our communities. And we don't want false information to steer us away from following His leadership.  

That's why we encourage churches to consider the COVID vaccine under the perspective of WWJD—What Would Jesus Do? 

Above all else, there are two things that Jesus would have us do in this situation. 

1. Jesus would want us to treat others how we would want to be treated. 

2. Jesus would have us to love our neighbors as He first loved us. 

Jesus made it very clear through his example to us that no one deserves to be treated like a leper or societal outcast. Doubts or questioning about the vaccine are not wrong and we should not be cruel to anyone who chooses differently than us. 

But He also made it clear that we should treat our neighbors with respect and love, doing our best to keep them safe from harm. For many Christians, this commandment calls them to vaccinate. But at the very minimum it calls them to use a mask while with those who want extra protection against the coronavirus. 

How every Christian decides to answer the question WWJD? is between them and God.

As Christians, we should make sure we are informed about the vaccine and consider how vaccination aligns with our most dear Christian values of protecting the vulnerable and loving our neighbors. 

But regardless of our decision on vaccination, we should make sure our decision in grounded in our Christian values, not disinformation targeting us from politicians and foreign influence operations. 

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