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Air Pollution Causing Asthma in Children, Inflation Reduction Act Can Help

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Our homes may not be as safe for our children as we think.

One danger often overlooked danger is air pollution. Nitrogen dioxide (NOx), a prevalent indoor pollutant, has been correlated with severe asthma (PBS). Studies have even found that nitrogen dioxide exposure can catalyze heart diseases and risk miscarriages in pregnant women (NLM).

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As Christians, we value our children’s safety first and foremost. We want to protect our children, both unborn and born, from harmful pollutants that can harm them.

One option to help decrease pollution in your own home is swapping out your gas stove out for an electric stove. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, families have the opportunity to change their old gas stoves out for more efficient and safer electric stoves in an affordable way. Though this swap is not required, it makes it easier for families who want to make the switch.

The IRA provides rebates to families who switch out their gas stoves for electric stoves. These rebates apply to both the appliance and the installation costs. Depending on the cost of the stove and service, you could be eligible for up to an $840 rebate. (NYT) All you have to do to claim your rebate is fill out IRS Form 5695.

Find out if you qualify here.

Other Tax Credit Opportunities

The IRA provides additional opportunities to directly benefit families and make the air inside of their homes cleaner. Tax credits of up to 30% will be provided to families who update their homes with solar energy, heat pumps, and heat pump water heaters can receive a 30% tax credit (GOV). In addition to these upgrades that can help lower your energy bill, your family may eligible for more benefits, including lower prescription drug prices.


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