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The Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy Protest comes with a big price tag for American workers

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

The Canadian trucker “freedom convoy” protests are costing businesses and taxpayers a lot of money––but how much exactly?

Group of trucks with Canadian flags blocking traffic

Getty Images

Trucker Convoy blockades on the busiest border bridge between the top car-manufacturing cities of Detroit and Windsor could cost American businesses up to $50m per day. Both the United States and Canada have warned that if the blockade continues it will hurt supply chains between the two countries. This damage to supply chains will hit hard-working American workers’ pockets directly.

Just as supply chains have gotten back to normal, the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoys threaten to interrupt supply chains once again. The blockade has already forced Ford to shut down its engine plant in Windsor due to parts shortages and run their assembly plant in Oakville, Ontario, on a reduced schedule. Other car manufacturers have also reported disruptions in their businesses and supply chains to FOX Business.

These supply chain disruptions could cost American workers in Michigan up to $51 million in wages this week because of trucker protest, threatening jobs as companies consider massive layoffs to offset the costs.

Both the US and Canadian governments have spoken up for their support for citizens’ right to peacefully protest. However, as the Freedom Convoy continues, it appears that things are starting to get out of control. Police have opened nearly 80 criminal investigations related to the protests, including for alleged hate crimes and property damage. Over two dozen people have been arrested for inciting violence at peaceful protests.

Citizens should always have their right to peacefully protest protected. But protestors should also consider the impact their actions are having on the lives of innocent, hard-working people, especially when those actions might inflict harm or destroy someone’s livelihood.


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